Agile Move Programme

‘Agile Move’ Programme 

Our topical and compelling Agile virtual business simulation is for middle and senior managers making decisions involving teams.

The programme is based on a case study “RenHome” which allows participants to make 8 decisions that are typical in an Agile situation. Participants get instant feedback on the advantages and disadvantages of their decisions, what would have been the result of the alternative decisions and a score based on four Agile KPIs.

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About the Agile Move Programme

This programme allows individuals globally to work in Agile teams using webcam, audio and Adobe Connect on a simulation that demonstrates 18 ‘Agile principles’, developing the skills and thinking to apply them in your job.

This highly competitive and engaging simulation lets you discover the benefits of agile principles and learn to apply
them to your daily work processes.

What will I learn?

• A big-picture understanding of agile.
• The four key measurements to use in Agile Leadership
• Eighteen key Agile principles
• Understand the when and why of agile thinking.

Learn to adapt and respond to changing market conditions and outperform your competitors by applying agile principles in a VUCA world.

How will I benefit from the Agile Move programme?

• Agile Move™ helps leaders move through the transformation required to meet the challenges of today’s ever-changing world.
•  You will be able to react better to market changes
•  You will be able to coach Agile language and approaches with your colleagues at work.


This programme is run over three weeks as 2 x 2.5 hours Virtual sessions, supported by a half hour onboarding session and a one hour implementation workshop. Course dates are:
14th September: Onboarding session, UK time: 09:30-10:00
15th and 17th September: Virtual simulation sessions, UK time: 09:30-12:00 
23rd September Implementation workshop, UK time: 09.30-10.30

Find out more
Please call +44 (0)1444 411416 or email us at to find out more or to book a space on the next course.

Special introductory programme fee: £295 plus VAT
Teams of Five:  £1,250 plus VAT

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