Leadership Across Borders Programme 2021

Bringing together future leaders 
from Africa, UK, US and Europe
February 2021

Bringing leaders together  in a virtual exchange programme to support each other, create innovative new ideas and  develop their skills..

Developed and facilitated by Future Leadership Ltd. and Kora Coaching and Business Academy  
supported by Transpire -The Directors Network

About the Leadership Across Borders Programme

Future Leaders from Europe, the US and the UK will work in teams with entrepreneurs and leaders from start-up and medium-sized businesses from across Africa to explore the leadership challenges they are each facing, provide mentoring and advice and work together to develop innovative new ideas to help businesses and society.

A modular virtual programme to be run in June 2021 for up to 50 participants from Africa, Europe and the UK. Each module will last 3 hours and include inputs from experienced leaders introducing new leadership concepts as well as the chance to work in teams facilitated by accredited coaches.

A unique opportunity to think outside the box and work with leaders from around the world.”


Leaders in today’s world require personal strength, humanity and compassion to support the people in their organisation, their  customers and society as they confront the most challenging of times.

This means they need to understand themselves, their values, drivers and strengths. They also need to understand how they perform under pressure and manage their own personal derailers. 

By taking part in this programme, leaders will meet others from across the world and develop their awareness of the challenges other face as well as enriching their own understanding of themselves.

Agility, creativity and innovation

Participants will work in teams on real business challenges being faced in Africa, developing new and creative ideas to solve them.

Input from qualified coaches and experienced senior leaders will help them develop their ideas and understand how to innovate and build solutions that can help businesses and people.

Leadership development

Participants will be introduced to key leadership concepts including Agile Leadership, VUCA, and Innovative Leadership. These frameworks and thinking will help them in working on real-world challenges and developing real solutions together.

Collaborating with colleagues from different organisations and parts of the world will help develop new leadership perspectives and mindsets they can take back into their leadership roles.

Mentoring skills

The future leaders from Europe and UK will be trained in mentoring skills and use them to mentor participants from across Africa.

Mentoring is a vital leadership skill and participants will develop these skills and experience in an exciting and innovative environment.

We hope that these mentoring relationships will continue after the programme and that these skills will last a lifetime.

Programme Information

Participants will be allocated to teams of leaders from across the world who they will work with on real challenges during four on-line modules in June 2021

Online Modules

Four online modules will focus on key leadership topics:
2 June 2021 Modern Leadership Skills
9 June 2021 Leading Change
16 June 2021 Leading Culture
23 June 2021 Developing Yourself as a Leader

Executive Coaches

Each team will be supported by an internationally accredited Executive Coach,experienced in developing leaders as they meet the challenges of the modern world.

Guest Leaders

Each module will include a panel of experienced leaders who will share their stories, take questions and work with the teams.

Leadership Challenges

Each participant will be asked to bring real leadership challenges they are facing which they will work on together with their team during the programme.


Mentoring and mentoring skills are essential to modern leaders, developing themselves as well as others. Each participant will mentor the others in their team and be mentored by them, bring fresh perspectives and insights to the challenges they face in their work.

Leaders’ Network

Each participant will receive free membership to the Programme Alumni Network and be able to take part in networking and other events together following the programme.

Developing future leaders in a volatile world

Now more than ever we need leaders to come together to develop new skills, new thinking and new solutions. Leadership Across Borders is an investment in the future.

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