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Mike Gostick

Mike has spent the majority of the last 30 years as an HR Director within the Financial Services sector, latterly moving to run his own coaching and consulting practice. Having been a member of global management teams during his career Mike necessarily developed a high degree of cultural flexibility in order to provide guidance and advice to senior leaders across geographies and business disciplines. for action.

Establishing the underlying issues facing his clients is achieved through a mixture of challenging questioning and ‘active reflection’. Mike’s wide business experience allows him to build rapport quickly and his clients are encouraged to share their perspectives in an atmosphere of mutual trust. In turn he is able to guide his clients as they review their own situation, opening up new perspectives and insights, leading to the generation of options.

Whilst accepting that coaching conversations can often be difficult and demanding, Mike also believes that humour can play an important part in relieving tension and creating a positive dynamic to the conversation.

Coaching approach

Mike’s preference is to ‘keep it simple’. This means spending sufficient time establishing the underlying coaching needs of the client; with them directly and using third party inputs where available. Clarity around the ‘contract’ enables both sides to be clear regarding success criteria. Thereafter the process is one of structured conversations, sometimes challenging but also using humour as appropriate, and maintaining focus on the agreed goals.
Mike tries to keep his clients grounded as they explore the ways forward. Although non-directive in the main, he recognises the need on occasion to provide options for clients where they are struggling to make progress. He doesn’t believe in fixed term coaching arrangements, preferring to review frequently and agreeing to continue or terminate as the situation (and the client) dictates.


From 1988 – 2013 Mike held a number of HR Leadership roles in Financial Services, principally Investment Management and Investment Management. As HR Director of Gartmore plc he led the integration of Gartmore and Natwest Investment Management following the acquisition of Gartmore by the Natwest Group in 1996, subsequently heading the HR function for the merged organisation. Under his direction Gartmore was one of the first Investment Management firms to be accredited Investor in People in 1997.
As the HR Business Partner for Global Operations in ABN AMRO from 2008 – 2013 he sat on the Global Management Team responsible for the HR strategy for 23,000 operations staff across 65 countries. Particular focus on leadership development, succession planning and a major offshoring project relocating several thousand roles from the US, UK and Europe to India.

Mike’s earlier career encompassed management consultancy with Ernst & Whinney and HR roles in offshore engineering with Matthew Hall (including an 18 moth secondment to Brazil).

All of the above have been characterised by a passion for leadership development at all levels; a highly pragmatic approach to business challenges and an enduring sense of humour to see him through the difficult times.

His career, following graduation, began with six years as an officer in the Royal Engineers seeing service in the UK, Germany and Northern Ireland. Many of the character traits described were developed during these formative years.

Areas of coaching interest

Mike has a long standing and deep interest in leadership development and the challenges facing those in leadership roles; and those aspiring to leadership. He has a ready grasp of organisational strategy and is able to link this with his understanding of the human dynamics of business. Thus he is able to work across areas such as organisational change, personal (role) transition, vision creation, leadership challenges (up and down) and longer term career aspirations.


Graduated from Newcastle University 1972, BSc (2.1) Civil Engineering
Meyler Campbell Business Coach 2008

Psychometric Accreditations

Myers Brigg Type Inventory (MBTI)
Firo B
Hay Leadership and Climate Styles

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