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Coaching helps clients develop the mindset, skills, personal resillience and experience needed in senior roles. Its power is in helping clients to understand themselves and the challenges they face and to consider what sort of leader they want to be.

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Are you unsureabout coaching, unsure of your needs or not sure how to start? Begin your coaching journey with a complimentary 60 minute session to explore how coaching can help you. The purpose is for you to set some goals and to clarify the areas you wish to work on most.

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Our menu of coaching modules to suit your needs

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Performance Coaching

Single coaching sessions when you need them to address specific, targetted needs. We also offer an opportunity to get 360 feedback and to take the Hogan Leadership Profile.

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Career Coaching

Coaching modules to help you explore your career options and goals or to help with job applications and interviews.

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Development Coaching

Developmental 3-4 month coaching programmes to help you tackle challenges in your current role or to help you prepare for future leadership roles.

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Team Coaching

Coaching for Boards, senior management or project teams to help them understand each other better, agree how to address specific challenges and to perform better as a team.

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What clients say…

“Through creating the right conditions/environment to allow for self-reflection, Gary has helped me get to the nub of my issues (not without challenge!), accelerating and honing my focus on making those critical decisions to really move forward in a meaningful way.”

Performance Coaching Modules

Single sessions to build insight, understanding and growth

90 minute coaching session

Do you have something that is challenging you and you need to talk through ? Discuss it with an Executive Coach in a single session when you need it to get independent input and new perspectives.

Topics could include career options, building stakeholder relationships, developing your confidence and resilience or a specific business challenge you are facing.

Two hour coaching session

Understand how you operate and what is important to you as well as how you might appear to those that you lead in this two hour module.  You will gain powerful insights into how you are seen, how you behave and why and the environments that best suit you.

Complete the well-known Hogan Leadership Profile, identifying your leadership style and strengths as well as your major motivators and drivers.

90 minute coaching session

Collect feedback from your team, your peers and your own managers and compare this with your own views.

Explore and understand your “Blind Spots” and “Hidden Strengths” which may be currently unknown to you.

We will use the Ashridge/Hult AIMS 360 Tool model based on research into what differentiates the best leaders. 

What clients say…

“Gary encouraged me to really dig into what lay beneath the surface and challenge myself to explore the reason why I saw situations or reacted in a specific way. It was truly beneficial to have a confidential and impartial person to be able to share my challenges with who was able to help me to determine the next steps rather than tell me what I should do.”

Career Coaching

Whether you are starting to consider options and goals or need help with applications and interviews, we can help.

2 x 90 minute coaching sessions

Discuss and explore your career and the options and choices you have to progress in line with your personal aspirations and drivers.

We will look at your experience and skills and identify the environments and roles that might suit you as a next step. We will explore strategies for you to transition to these roles/achieve them.

You will have a chance to benchmark yourself against the key experience, skills, knowledge and development which distinguishes the most successful people to enable you to plot your course.

2 x 90 minute coaching sessions

Ensure you are presenting yourself in the best way to demonstrate your experience and skills.

We will review and develop your CV and LinkedIn profile to focus on your key characteristics and strengths to help you stand out from the crowd.

This Module consists of two sessions: an initial session after which you can review and change your CV and Linked In profile. Then, once you have done this, a further session to review and get feedback for any final changes.

Development Coaching 

Our executive coaching programmes can help you tackle the challenges you face in your current role or prepare for future leadership

5 x 90 minute coaching sessions

This Executive Coaching programme is tailored to clients whose goal is to move into a senior management or Director role during the next 3 years. The objective is to help you to take a more strategic approach in your thinking and to develop the mindset and resilience to successfully face the leadership challenges you will encounter.

This highly personalised programme will help you understand and strengthen your unique leadership style. You will create your own Leadership Plan that will act as a springboard to help you gain the understanding, experience, resilience, mindset and skills needed to take on senior roles.

This Programme consists of 5x 90minute sessions over 4 months and will include the Hogan Leadership Profile and 360 feedback. Many clients request further regular coaching sessions to help them build on the momentum gained during this programme.

4 x 90 minute coaching sessions

This programme is aimed at clients who wish to explore their leadership approach in their current role.

They may be taking on new and larger challenges or encountering difficulties along the way. The goal is to help you understand your situation and to examine it from different perspectives. We will explore your leadership style and how it impacts on others and help you build your personal resilience and strategies for coping with the pressures of your role.

This programme consists of 4 x 90 minute sessions over 3 months. This programme can also be further tailored by adding in our Leadership Profile module and Leadership 360 module. Many clients request further regular coaching sessions to help them build on the momentum gained during this programme.


This programme is for teams or Boards to help them understand how successfully performing teams operate.

Teams today have to grapple with a range of challenges, including how to operate virtually and globally, which can have a big impact on team dynamics and communication. 

The team will gain unique insights into how it works and how it can improve the quality of its management meetings and decision making. The team leader (whether a senior manager, CEO or Chairman) will learn strategies to help the team break down barriers to effective working and agree approaches to working together which will quickly accelerate performance.

An independent Executive Coach can provide leaders with a valuable sounding board and different, impartial viewpoint. The Team Coaching Programme includes a combination of individual coaching with each team member and group sessions.

What clients say …

“Gary is assisting our business with senior leadership development, both individuals and our leadership team dynamics. His breadth of experience, listening skills and insightful reflections lead to the high level of personal introspection required to progress. We are learning from and thoroughly enjoying our coaching journey with Gary.”

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