Future Leadership education programmes for the leaders of tomorrow

Interactive programmes and leadership modules help you develop your leadership skills, consider your career goals and learn from current senior leaders through workshops, coaching and self-learning.

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Future Leadership Programme

What will it take to succeed in the next decade? Leadership programmes abound, but most are focused on what it takes to be a good leader today. What about the future? And how can leaders shape their future?

Next Programme : January 2022

This two-month module programme is aimed at those preparing for or who have recently taken up a leadership role. Four one-day online modules bring you together with your peers and some great speakers to consider your leadership style and the skills and mindsets required to tackle the challenges of taking on leadership positions.

All participants also receive a copy of The Future Leader by Jacob Morgan and 6 months complimentary membership of our Future Leaders Network with access to regular webinars, online content and resources and other exclusive member services.

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Online Masterclasses

Our interactive online masterclasses are an easilly accessible way of learning about yourself as a leader and your impact on people who work with you, fellow leaders and external stakeholders. New ideas, activities and discussions, guest speakers and practical tools.

Guest Speakers

A range of interesting and thought provoking guest speakers share their leadership experiences and insights from diverse sectors such as the military, public sector, banking and pharmaceuticals. What challenges did they face as they became leaders and how did they overcome them? What is their advice for leaders?

360 Feedback

Completed after Module 1, allows you to feedback from your team, peers and your own managers and compare this with your own views. Explore and understand your “Blind Spots” and “Hidden Strengths”. We will use the Ashridge/Hult AIMS 360 Tool model based on research into what differentiates the best leaders. Everyone will receive a personal report and 90 minute 1-1 coaching session to understand their feedback.

Group Coaching

Two group coaching sessions run by accredited and experienced leadership coaches, leading confidential discussions around the personal leadership challenges facing programme participants. A great way of making sure the programme meets your needs and moves you forward.

Future Leadership Programme Modules

Module 1: The Future leader

Exploring the skills and mindsets that differentiate leaders who will succeed in a complex and difficult future. Based on the research of Jacob Morgan, participants will also get a copy of his book The Future Leader.

Module 2: Agile thinking, “Growth Mindset” and personal resilience

Future leaders are curious, open to new ideas, and agile enough to change directions when their original plan hits a roadblock. This mindset forces the pursuit of new ideas, products, services, and methods of doing things. It also means becoming a perpetual learner.

Module 3:  The future of work, organisations and business.

In the new workplace communicating well means being able to share persuasive messages clearly and concisely.  Future leaders face the unique challenge of leading a multi-generational workforce, which means working across generations and cultures to understand and respect the unique needs of each group.

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