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Faculty of Leadership,
mentoring and coaching  2020 Services

Transpire has launched a new Faculty to support Members and Non-Members in strengthening and developing their leadership, mentoring and coaching skills, essential attributes for NEDs and Trustees and those preparing for these roles.

Developed in partnership with Future Leadership Ltd.  

Leadership Webinars

Regular sessions tackling leadership hot topics with guest speakers, leader interviews and discussion.

Executive Coaching

Peronalised coaching offerings to support new or experienced NEDs and Trustees in their role.

Leadership Round Tables

Confidential round tables groups facilitated by an experienced Executive Coach. 4-6 NEDs and Trustees can bring real challenges they are facing and discuss them with peers to develop their skills and find soluitions that will work.

Impact & Influence Coaching/Mentoring Skills Programme

A skills programme focusing on the unique challenges faced by NEDs and Trustees, developing skills of mentoring and coaching to improve personal impact and influence. Together with optional Transpire Accreditation.

Impact & Influence: Coaching and Mentoring Skills for NEDs and Trustees

Focusing on the specific challenges of NEDs and Trustees, this practical online programme introduces coaching and mentoring skills and models and supports participants through practice, case studies, guest speakers and interactive participation..

Module 1

Exploring common scenarios faced by NEDs & Trustees and introducing coaching frameworks and skills.

Module 2

Skills practice and case studies.
Advising executive management in times of crisis.

Accreditation Day

Written coaching case study & skills observation. 

Successful participants receive Transpire Accreditation

2020 Dates

Module 1: 1st December (9.30 – 1.00pm)
Module 2: 11 December (9.30 – 1.00pm)
Accreditation Day 29 January 2021


Modules 1+2: £475 + VAT

Accrediation: £375 + VAT

Optional Accreditation Preparation Session: £150 + VAT

Executive Coaching

One-to-One executive coaching for new and experienced
NEDs and Trustees.

Contact us for a complimentary discussion with a coach to explore whether coaching will help you and to match you with the right coach.


Develop a more strategic approach in your thinking and to develop the mindset and resilience to successfully face leadership challenges you encounter as a Director or Trustee.This highly personalised programme will help you understand and strengthen your unique leadership style.

Create your own Leadership Plan that will act as a springboard to help you gain the understanding, experience, resilience, mindset and skills needed to take in Director roles.5 x 90minute sessions over 4 months and will include the Hogan Leadership Profile to help you explore your leadership approach and how you impact others.


Phase 1: Coaching for members preparing for NED or Trustee positions. Helping you consider what you bring to these roles and your core leadership strengths.

Phase 2: Exploring your ‘personal brand’ and preparing your CV. Reviewing your network, accessing opportunities and planning for applications and interviews.


Do you have something that is challenging you and you need to talk through ? Discuss it with an Executive Coach in a single session when you need it to get independent input and new perspectives.

Topics could include career options, building stakeholder relationships, developing your confidence and resilience or a specific business challenge you are facing.


Complete the well-known Hogan Leadership Profile, identifying your leadership style and strengths, your key drivers and the environments that best suit you.

Understand how you lead and what is important to you as well as how you might appear to fellow Board members and senior management in this two hour module.


Regular coaching sessions during your first 100 days in a new non-executive role. Helping you understand the organisation, build relationships, explore what value you can add or tackle difficult conversations.

Use your coach as an independent sounding board to check your observations and develop personal strategies for integrating into your new Board position.

Virtual Round Table Sessions for NEDs/Trustees

Improve your leadership impact and influencing skills through discussion and practice with fellow leaders and a senior Leadership Coach

Virtual round tables open to anyone in a NED, Trustee, Senior Advisor role and facilitated by an experienced Executive Coach. Limited to a maximum of 6 participants for this half day session, you can bring real challenges you are facing in your role and receive coaching and advice from your peers.

A great confidential sounding board session for discussion, practice and generating solutions.

£175 + VAT
2020 dates: 6 November ; 4 December

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