What are your values ?

Our values influence most of the decisions we take in life from career choices, recruitment and selection of team member and decisions we take when when under pressure. But can you articulate your values? Do you know what they are? If you do, then you are more likely to make decisions and choices which align with them.

This free online tool helps you identify your values – it only takes a few minutes so why not try it. You may be surprised by some of the the outcomes.

Once you’ve completed the exercise we recommend that you talk to one or two people to get their views and see whether they agree.

Let them settle for a few days and then revisit them again as you may realise something is missing or should not be there. You may find yourself thinking ‘I should value X and put it first on my list’ even though it really isn’t. So force yourself to choose, and choose based upon your true feelings, not the shoulds in life. Here is a list to keep you going but feel free to come up with your own words. There may be some overlap so group words where this is the case.

Some interesting questions to discuss and think about are:

1.           What do you value in life? What is important to you?

2.           Tell me about a time you felt unfulfilled or unsatisfied?

3.           Tell me about a time you felt really angry?

4.           Tell me about a time you felt very irritated or annoyed?

5.           What are you happy to sacrifice things for?

6.           What makes you happiest?

7.           What do you value in yourself and others?

8.           What values do you live your life by?’

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